GoLivMo is proud to present the Majulah Movement. A nationwide rally for Singaporeans to come together to help those affected most by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Join us as we find out what happens when local businesses work in tangent with celebrities and investors to create innovative solutions in this unprecedented time.

We catch up with Andre Cherbonnier, the lead for this cause and investor in the transport technology company (Dre Valet) as he shares with us his goals and insights for this national movement.


Can you tell us more about the Majulah Movement?

In May 2020, we rallied together several partners and celebrities to start a platform called the ‘Majulah Movement’. It calls upon Singaporeans (and anyone that calls Singapore home) to band together to help those adversely affected by the CoVid-19 pandemic.

The concept is a simple pay-it-forward system for anyone to buy Majulah Movement Set Meals and Treat Packs for the people who need it most; our frontline healthcare heroes and migrant friends.

What was the inspiration behind it?

We saw a simple opportunity for Singaporeans to show their appreciation to our Healthcare Heroes and say thank you for their tireless efforts.

The plight of our migrant friends was also brought to light in the mass media. These treat packs are an easy way for Singaporeans to let our migrant friends know we are behind them during these trying times. We wanted to do what we could with the network that we had.

In the beginning we raised some money amongst our network. Having several existing restaurant partners, we started delivering about 40-50 meals to hospitals on our own. It started to grow from there.

What does the name Majulah Movement stand for?

‘Majulah’ stands for onwards in Malay and is also the central theme for our national anthem – Majulah Singapura (Onward Singapore).

What do you hope to achieve with your efforts?

We have partnered up with several notable homegrown restaurants that are providing the meals through donations . In part, we are also helping the F&B industry as well given that they are struggling to stay afloat during the lockdown.

We found ourselves in a position where all the elements were in front of us; the hospitals, a transport company, a network of restaurants and a celebrity to boot. It would have been irresponsible if we didn’t do something.

What makes it work, and so special, is how everyone that’s part of the movement have gravitated towards the cause. From the various partners, restaurants, volunteers, dry good suppliers and corporate partners. It really has exemplified the human spirit at its finest.

How can the public support?

Everyone can play a part to make things a little better for someone else. Each Majulah Movement Set Meal or Treat Pack is only SGD$10.

A small token to most of us but one that will go a long way in raising the spirits of many people on the front lines of this pandemic.

What do they need to do?

It’s easy to help. Simply head over to this website: to make your purchase.

We’ll then coordinate with our contacts on the ground to find out which hospitals/dormitories need the set meals / treat packs and we’ll coordinate the deliveries daily.

Every donation matters.