Enjoy Priority Access To The Activities You Love

Users Can Now Enjoy Priority Access To The Activities They Love

Consumers dislike being stuck in line. When they do, tickets are usually available in standardized tiers and don’t cater to personalized needs. Special Privileges, Bonus Perks and Deals are traditionally reserved for higher membership tiers

Our recent survey of consumers indicates that, “activities and experiences are so spread out that many don't have special memberships or private access to all of them. Consumers often feel like they commonly miss out on Experiences and deals”.

Experience Marketplace, GoLivMo, aims to correct that by connecting users directly with Experience / Activity Creators, providing special privileges, bonus perks and other early-bird deals.


An upcoming Priority Access Program would give users further opportunities to purchase experiences 24 hours before they're released to public. In this age of private and hefty membership fees, GoLivMo is looking to disrupt ticketing services, traditional credit cards, luxury and concierge services. Traditionally reserved for the wealthy, GoLivMo aims to put access in the hands of the masses. (Users can currently add themselves to the waiting list for the launch on the 1st January 2020).

"We work with Creators / Partners, to negotiate bulk discounts, special perks and unique access. Our core focus is to provide customers with exciting experiences and deals, while helping Creators market and sell more effectively", confirms Kevin Ou (Group CEO, GoLivMo).

From backstage meetings with former president, Barack Obama, unique dining experiences with Michelin-starred chefs, to ultimate on-stage party experiences with top DJ’s (Tiesto, Martin Garrix, etc), LivMo aims to use its technology platform to connect consumers with the things they love any time.

Live More. Be More. #NoMoreFOMO.


For more information (Priority Access Program): https://www.launch.golivmo.com