Experience a better world with Paul Foster

A man of many adventures

Paul Foster is someone that needs no introduction.

An actor, host, adventurer and a lover-of-life, Paul seeks to experience all that life has to offer.

Despite the glitz and glamor of his job, Paul isn't afraid to get his hands dirty in his efforts to make this world a better place.

We shine a spotlight on Paul's many humanitarian efforts and get an inside scoop on how we can do the same.

We know you to wear many hats. Tell us more about yourself.

I do a little of everything, that is what life is all about. I host, act and have business opportunities that allow me to survive. Most of all, I love to travel and chase experiences to enrich my life.

Whether these experiences are personal or to improve the lives of people, animals or the environment, I feel that there is always something I can do.

It’s all about finding what keeps me inspired, creative and happy.

Building homes with Habitat for Humanity (Krabi, Thailand)

What was your most challenging experience, either physical or mental?

One of the best challenges in my life was filming my travel series; Special Delivery.

We delivered school building materials to less accessible mountainous regions in Nepal; and also food and clothing supplies deep into the jungles of Pahang, Malaysia for the Orang Asli.

I've also delivered equipment and helped to construct sea cucumber farm plots for the Orang Laut in Sabah, Malaysia.

Delivering a Solar Panel to the village of Hipti (Ladakh, India)

What was the highlight of your experience?

My pick of the lot, would be my 2-day trek in Ladakh, India over the Himalayan mountain ranges with a solar panel strapped to my back, up over a height of 5,000m to electrify the village of Hipti.

The journey, cause, motivation and the physical & mental strength boxes were all ticked, and will always be something I will forever remember and appreciate.

Braving the rocky terrain over the Himalayan mountains

What do Experiences mean to your life?

Experiences are Life. Without them, we don’t live meaningfully. Whether they are good or bad, experiences shape us, they make us who we are. We can learn and grow from what we do in life.

I believe this is how we can become better. Whether we succeed or fail, we learn appreciation, graciousness and overall to be a better person.

Paul Foster with the "Foster the Build" team 2019 (Krabi, Thailand)

When you are not saving the world, how do you spend your time when you’re back in Singapore?

When I am not working, I am usually just resting to recharge and catching up with as many people as possible.

But when I am at home, the work doesn’t stop, so I'm just working to stay on top of everything that I need to do. Which then allows me to go out and experience life more.

Karting Experience for Charity (The Karting Arena, Singapore)

You work with many charities, and most of your fundraising efforts have been activity/experience-based. Why is that so?

Anyone can donate; That’s the easiest way to fundraise. I have many friends who don’t live in Singapore, that will happily support me where possible, but for those who are here, it’s always better to have an activity where they can take part in.

Having a typical fundraising event only allows me to bring people together. Where experiences empower everyone to have fun and feel like their donation isn’t just going to a cause. It allows everyone to experience more and learn more about the cause / charity.

Tell us more about your upcoming Charity race.

My upcoming fundraising experience is a charity go-karting race. My amazing friends graciously sponsored the track at The Karting Arena. All proceeds will go towards my build.

We are lucky that we have meats from Huber’s Butchery and beers from The General Brewing Co, along with prizes from Nespresso, Guzman y Gomez, and Redbull.

An advocate for the Animal Lovers League

If you could gift someone the ultimate experience, what would it be?

This is subjective. My ultimate experience differs from your ultimate experience, as well as another individual’s ultimate experience. I believe that life is about finding your own cause which you can devote yourself to.

I would offer everyone opportunities to build houses with Habitat for Humanity around the region, or to clean flats of the elderly here in Singapore. You can also consider building schools with Happy Hearts Indonesia in Nusa Tenggara Timur.

Building schools with Happy Hearts Indonesia (NTT, Indonesia)

How can someone support you and your causes?

For animal related causes, you can donate, volunteer, foster or adopt from the various animal welfare groups that I support.

If someone is looking for a way to support us, Carla Dunareanu and I are leading a team of 30 volunteers to build two homes in Nepal in November (2019). It will be an incredible and meaningful life experience.

I'm also starting to plan for 2020's "Foster the Build" initiative with Global Village. Click the links below to learn more on how you can support.

Help Paul in his efforts to change the world.

What advice do you have for people who want to lead a fuller and more meaningful life?

Love yourself first

This will create the core for you to love more outside of yourself.

Let go of your ego

This will allow you to be less selfish and stop worrying about meaningless things.

Find your cause

This will allow you to focus on doing more good for a reason other than yourself.

Don’t Worry, Be Happy

The less negative you are, the more positive you will be.