Bringing the Los Angeles Street Food Scene to Singapore

As we promise to create truly unique experiences, we're excited to announce that Livmo has partnered with Resorts World Sentosa to bring Los Angeles' cult favorite lobster, Lobsterdamus, a pop-up dining concept to Singapore for the first time.

The famous Grilled Lobster with Garlic Noodles

The Los Angeles street food scene has always been an evolving yet constant part of the city’s multicultural identity. This is where Angelenos express their soul, with intense and diverse flavors at every corner of the city. The creative Southern California spirit pours in, and out came the wonderful creations through street food in the last decade. They are fresh, bold, photogenic, and as delicious as ever.

As festivals and outdoor events sprouted up in California, opportunities became steadily available for pop-up restaurants to showcase their unique talent. These buzzing street food ideas came leaps and bounds in the last few years, elevating themselves onto the front page of your social media feed, and the center seat of peoples’ attention.

Breakroom joke of the day: "My friend lost his job at the lemon factory, he couldn't concentrate!" 😂

Livmo has been a part of this movement. We scout the hottest festivals including Coachella and EDC, and trendiest city gatherings such as Smorgasburg and 626 Night Market to find sustainable food pop-ups for our international partners. With their events, customers, and demographics specifically in mind, and a clear goal of generating more income, attraction and engagement, while bringing one culture to another.

Who can say no to Lobster Fries!?

RWS has hosted the inaugural Wine Pinnacle Awards and The GREAT Wine & Dine Festival from October 10-12th 2019, a 3-Day celebration of food, wine and fun at the Resorts World Ballroom. Where you'll be able to savor over 400 wines and sake, dine at award winning restaurants, or dig into the Lobsterdamus Lobster Fries, Lobster Nachos and Grilled Lobster with Garlic Noodles at the festival.

Fire grilled to perfection

With the millennial's consumption for unique experiences grows daily, Livmo promises many more exciting collaborations and opportunities to come in the near future.